Food tidbits

To quickly fix yourself a cup of hot soup on a cold winter day, you can try the new Vita Chick-Chak soups, available in a variety of flavors.

To quickly fix yourself a cup of hot soup on a cold winter day, you can try the new Vita Chick-Chak soups, available in such flavors as chicken with noodles, mushroom, tomatoes, green peas and corn. Each package contains three bags, each good for one cup of soup, and costs NIS 6.90. The Beit Yitzhak dairy farm now produces quite yummy fruit yogurt made from sheep milk. The Yogourmet fruit yogurt comes with strawberries or with a mix of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Each tub is NIS 4.23. Cholent is a traditional Shabbat stew that is especially good on a cold, rainy day. To make preparation easier, Adom Adom now has a kit with most ingredients you need for a meat stew. The package contains the meat and bones, the beans and barley and the spices are added for free. You can add potatoes, onions or any other ingredient you like. Adom Adom is meat that has never been frozen; the meat for the cholent is sold at NIS 44.90 a kilo. On a recent Shabbat, this was a hit at our house. Quite a few local wineries are now offering new wines at the end of November, as is the tradition in France with the Beaujolais Nouveau. Golan offers Gamay Nouveau, a light, dry, red wine, recognizable by its colorful caps and a label with poems written by four young Israeli authors. The price of a bottle is NIS 33, quite reasonable for a Golan wine. Barilla is now also offering healthier whole wheat pasta. The three whole wheat pastas available are pennette rigate, fusilli and spaghetti No. 5; each 500 g. package is NIS 9.95. Beitzei Hagalil now produces extra-fresh eggs that have to be removed from store shelves after eight days as opposed to the 16 days allowed other eggs, so the customer is guaranteed a fresh product. Both the brown and the white eggs have a dark yellow-orange yolk. The extra-fresh eggs are sold in cartons of 10, 20, or 30 in Supersol, Co-op and Tiv Ta'am stores. Vitao is the name of very crunchy whole wheat cookies imported from Brazil that don't contain either butter or margarine or any hydrogenated fat, and so are cholesterol-free. Vitao is available in six varieties: sesame, cashew nut, sunflower seed, raisin, honey and oatmeal; a 200 g. package, available in health food stores and at Rami Levi supermarkets, is NIS 13.