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And we know from our own experience, too, that those who deny all limits are forever finding the beautiful words, the high phrases and the slippery and diseased thoughts needed to strengthen this beast in others, to make them appreciate and approve, and to pull them along and down, men and nations, into their abyss… - Yoram Hazony, 'The Dawn' This summer, a 10-day international gay conference is scheduled to take place in Jerusalem. It will conclude with a gala gay parade in the streets of the city. Thousands of participants are expected to attend. The affair is to be so expansive and expensive that, I'm told, Tel Aviv, "the city that never sleeps," declined the honor of hosting the conference and suggested that Jerusalem would be a better venue. Believing Jews are adamantly opposed to any blatant, public display of sexuality. But homosexual behavior is doubly appalling, not only to believing Jews, but to Christians, Muslims and other decent people around the world. Concepts such as right and wrong, good and bad, healthy and normal versus unnatural and dysfunctional have been so impaired that today it is difficult to even explain why homosexuality is unnatural, destructive and wrong, even when the vast majority of people in the world know instinctively that it is. You hear, "I wouldn't want my kid to be one, of course, but it's not my business to tell other people what to do." HERE ARE the facts: • Homosexuality is an aberrant biological phenomenon. Human beings are designed to propagate through the union of two opposite sexes, male and female. The world can only continue to exist if Nature - and sex - are allowed to run their natural course. Promoting public, social and legal recognition of homosexuality as an "alternate life style" means admitting that there is no value to perpetuating life. It is a destructive, nihilistic and absolutely anti-life ethos. • Homosexuality is deviant social behavior. Homosexuals comprise a very small percentage of the population and those unable to respond to treatment are a smaller number still, but the media has made them larger than life. In the process, the media has promoted condoning - not a genetic, biological or physiological condition, but a cultural phenomenon. As in ancient Greece, where every man of standing had a young boy to enjoy, today too, the gays would have us believe that everyone can, and has the right to "indulge" and their sexual preferences should be recognized, respected and legalized. But why should society recognize, legalize and respect an "alternate life style" which is historically, and by definition, aberrant and destructive? • Like any other physiological, biological or emotional problem, homosexuality is a dysfunctional behavior requiring treatment, not legislation or "recognition." Treatment is available and can be effective for many people. Those few who cannot (and some cannot) or those who will not (and some will not) attempt to reach a more normal state of sexual behavior are still perfectly free to live their own private lives. EVERY SOCIETY has a public and a private sphere. Generally speaking, what people do in the privacy of their homes is their own business, so long as they do not the invade the public arena. This is true of both heterosexuals as well as homosexuals. Our society does not condone parading intimate sexuality in public (despite the media). Why is the desire of homosexuals to go public more compelling than the public's desire to keep certain areas of life private? The public sphere must be a communal meeting place where all of society can participate and feel comfortable. If homosexuals, who make up but a tiny percent of the population, have "rights," then so do the vast majority of people who prefer that one's sexuality be kept in the privacy of the bedroom and not paraded on the street. In virtually all times and places heterosexuality has been the universal norm. And the normal, two-parent (male/female) family has always been the backbone of human civilization. No other satisfactory substitute has ever been found which offers the physical and emotional nourishment necessary to raise children and turn them into healthy, normal adults. No other substitute has ever been found which guarantees the transmission of human values and culture. One-parent families, divorcees, widows and orphans have always existed, but children in such situations have always been at risk. LOVE WITHOUT borders? Society is being raped. The underpinnings of human civilization are being whittled away as universal, natural law is being destroyed. Only where human morality is relative can reality be manipulated semantically. In a borderless world anything and everything can become an "alternate life style." One shudders to think of the possible ramifications. The homosexual movement, tiny as it is, is articulate, well-funded, aggressive and out to conquer. And conquer it will, if we remain silent. It is obsessive in its need for social recognition, to justify its "normalcy." The gay king is indeed naked. And the gay logo of "World Pride" is a desperate attempt to clothe the movement in legitimacy and recognition. Those of us attempting to do battle with the tidal wave of culturally inspired homosexuality are not primitive, intolerant or ignorant. We are normal and healthy, and in our normality lies our wisdom. "Love without borders" may be the gay slogan, but no human society or civilization has ever existed without borders. What we desperately need today is love, life, order and law with borders. The iconoclasts who would break down all the borders of civilization are not only invading our private space; they are destroying our world. The writer is the author of more than 50 juvenile books and several collected essays. 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