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A Gala Concert for Zubin Mehta's birthday. The Israel Philharmonic.

zubin mehta 88 (photo credit: )
zubin mehta 88
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IPO A Gala Concert for Zubin Mehta's birthday The Israel Philharmonic Mann auditorium, Tel-Aviv April 10 Celebrating his 70th birthday with his beloved Israel Philharmonic, its lifetime director Zubin Mehta made this evening a celebration for many. Presenting the IPO alongside its junior orchestra, now a part of the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music, Mehta gave the students a chance to demonstrate their impressive abilities. These young musicians have come a long way since since their debut gala concert last year. The ensemble now sounds sure and polished and has become accomplished enough for Mehta to entrust it with the solo roles of the concluding Berlioz's Fantastic Symphony. The evening included numerous tributes to the renowned conductor, the most enjoyable being a moving film made by the orchestra's PR person Dalia Meroz, reflecting some of Mehta's great musical and personal moments with the orchestra. On the musical side, there was a rather disappointing rendition of Mozart's Concerto No. for violin with Pinhas Zuckerman as soloist and conductor. The evening's main message, however, was loud and clear: The IPO and its audience have great love and appreciation for Mehta, and, it seems, these feelings are mutual.