Dub madness

After playing the Yellow Submarine thursday, the Professor and his crew head to Kibutz Ein Harod on Friday.

clubbing 88 (photo credit: )
clubbing 88
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Returning to Israel for a quick series of performances, British dub reggae legend Mad Professor brings with him the energetic vocalist Aisha, a long-time collaborator and an artist on his Ariwa label. After playing the Yellow Submarine last night, the Professor and his crew head to Kibutz Ein Harod tonight, Club Barzilai in Tel Aviv tomorrow night and then down to Dimona the following day. Mad Professor is one of the most respected producers in the reggae world and has been to Israel many times. Beyond his own consistent studio output since the early 80s, he has been credited as a DJ for helping bring dub - stripped down, effects-drenched psychedelic B-side versions of reggae singles - into the pop and club worlds. For many years he has been bringing his studio skills out on the road - this current set of shows will continue through Japan, France and Jamaica. His performances are "live dub" - on-stage manipulation of samplers, mixers and effects processors to create a dense, shifting collage of sounds and rhythms. This serves as the musical bedrock for Mad Professor's vocal partners, who often improvise sing-song, dancehall style to go with the music. Aisha, who has worked with Mad Professor for twenty years, is known for her powerful singing voice, upbeat energy and captivating stage presence. Given Mad Professors' legendary status within the close-knit reggae community, these shows are sure to be packed.