Late Night Lullaby

If the Sandman formed a band, Pink & Noseworthy would be the name.

If the Sandman formed a band, Pink & Noseworthy would be the name. Reminiscent of the late night lullabies sung to a child by a teenage babysitter, this indie, neo-folk duo from Los Angeles, California will be performing this Tuesday at Tel Aviv's Levontin 7. Consisting of singer-songwriters Shanee Pink and Mark Noseworthy, who met during a recording session for a song penned by Pink at the beginning of her solo effort, the duo's dreamy style sounds more low-fi than neo-folk complete with sweeping, high-pitched bells and melting piano notes. According to their MySpace page, Noseworthy contributed the guitars for Pink's song, "giving the recording a sound that both Shanee and her brother, producer Ran Pink, connected with immediately." Behind the band's wobbling electric guitars lies a placid type of anger - like someone murdered the band's mascot, which they've now accepted but have not yet gotten over. The song "Reason To Live" was the pair's first collaboration and, according to the band, "the instant creative bond propelled a two-month whirlwind of songwriting, jamming and recording that culminated in their eponymous [self-titled] debut album." Pink & Noseworthy play at Levontin 7 on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. Tickets cost NIS 40.