Na x 2 = M x 3

It's not often that you find more than you want in a restaurant.

It's not often that you find more than you want in a restaurant. I'm talking about the type of place where you go in already knowing that you'll enjoy the experience but you're further delighted by those small, unexpected details that accentuate your experience in the most delightful of ways. Such was the case on my second visit to Neve Tzedek's Nana. Arriving on a Monday night, my dining partner and I were greeted at the bar with the spectacular news that various flights of various whiskeys were on offer. I took the Bourbon and my buddy took the single malts. Instantaneously, a wood tray appeared before us with our requested beverage sampler. Delicious. But then we came to the immediate realization that our empty stomachs were nothing to drink on and that food was in order. So we ordered. Now, I'm a huge fan of raw fish. I started off with the red snapper tartare bruschetta topped with black caviar. Unreal. Later, I noticed another diner enjoying the same dish and was jealous. I also enjoyed the red tuna sashimi. Then again, I'm only human. My vegetarian dining partner went for the beet carpaccio and then the endive salad. Pleasant dishes for sure, but you'd better like beets and endive if you're going to go down either of those paths. Main courses took their form as steak and sweet potato lasagna. The steak was better. Don't let that deter you non-meat eaters - the lasagna was cheesily delicious. Rather than opt for dessert we went for more booze. I suppose I feel bad for neglecting the ole sweet tooth. But, booze man. Booze! In conclusion, I would even go back to Nana a third time. I'm told it's a charm. Sunday nights at Nana are with Bossa Trio playing live Brazilian music and Monday nights are Happy Mondays with special deals on new and exciting alcohols as well as old and exciting ones. 1 Ahad Ha'am St., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, (03) 516-1915; not kosher.