Organic Trance

Tribal Dance is holding their May Tribe Celebration with international guests.

tribal dance (photo credit: courtesy)
tribal dance
(photo credit: courtesy)
Tribal Dance, an Israeli organic trance performance band, is holding their May Tribe Celebration with international guests. "Organic trance is produced with natural instruments, which in the case includes percussion, didgeridoo, drums and vocals," says the event's producer Gil Karniel. "We have another meaning-organic trance describes the state of the people participating in this celebration, who get to trance and ecstasy in a completely natural way, without outside elements," Karniel said. Amir Yakobi, the founder, percussionist and vocalist for Tribal Dance, said he started the company after visiting tribes in Kenya, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. "When I was in Africa, I experienced [organic trance] in the tribes, in ritual dances and the ecstasy of song and dance," Yakobi said. "Our music is different. It's not a concert," Yakobi said. "The music really listens to where the audience is and together, we just go into a place that we all have in common." "In this music, there is personal empowerment that manifests itself in healing. People in the tribes really heal themselves from mental and physical diseases with this trance," Yakobi said. Tribal Dance will perform a Brazilian-themed concert featuring Brazilian musicians Karyoka, a guitarist and owner of a Samba school who has recorded over 50 albums, and Louis Gaolo, who is considered one of Brazil's most important percussionists. At the end of the month, they will perform with Indian musicians Satyajit Talwalkar, a percussionist who regularly plays with India's greatest musicians, and Rakesh Chaurasia, who plays bansori, an Indian bamboo flute. "The music combined with the musicians actually puts people in ecstasy naturally," Karniel said, adding that, "In this ecstasy, people reach a state of release, of letting loose. " Brazilian night is set for Saturday, May 10 at 7 p.m. in the Pecan Orchard in Rashfon. Tickets are NIS 100 in advance and NIS 115 at the event. Indian night on Saturday, May 31 at 7 p.m. in the Shoni Fortress in Binyamina. Tickets are NIS 110 in advance and NIS 125 at the event. Drugs and alcohol will not be allowed on the premises, and the latter will not be sold. For more information visit