Pure Earsay at the Third Ear

The jazz mini-marathon marks the 10th anniversary of the Earsay record label.

Breaking news (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Breaking news
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
On May 8 a landmark event will take place at the Third Ear – Jazz BaOzen establishment on Tel Aviv’s King George Street. The jazz mini-marathon marks the 10th anniversary of the Earsay record label, which over the last decade has put out CDs by a string of envelope-pushing jazz and alternative music artists the likes of saxophonist Albert Beger, pianist Daniel Sarid and, more recently, saxophonist Yonatan Kretzmer.
All the above will be on call on May 8 at the Third Ear to give thepublic a concentrated taste of some of the new music they, andlike-minded artists, are still putting out there for growing, andfaithful, audiences.
Venues like Hagaddah Hasmalit andLevontin 7 – run by Sarid and free flowing saxophonist Assif Tsahar –and several spots in Jerusalem often host concerts and even festivalsdedicated to alternative jazz and new music acts.
Earsay’sdebut release was Cries of Disillusion by Sarid,with Tsahar on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Ori Kaplan on altosax, Oded Goldschmidt on bass and American Bob Mayer on drums. Inaddition to the musical content the CD caused something of a visualstir with photographs by Digi Dekel enhancing the ambience of theproduct. On May 8 Dekel will exhibit the series of photographs createdfor the Cries of Disillusion launch.