Virtuosos set to take Tel Aviv

Ensemble presents "From Classics to Jazz," featuring pieces by Bach, Dvorak, Gershwin and more.

tel aviv virtuosi 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
tel aviv virtuosi 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Virtuosi of Tel Aviv ensemble presents “From Classics to Jazz” at 9 p.m. Saturday, March 20 at the Rozin Culture Center in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Aviv neighborhood. The concert, part of the Music of the World series, features pieces by Bach, Dvorak, Paganini, Joplin, Gershwin, Piazzola and others.
The ensemble was founded in 1996 by violinist, composer and arranger Alexander Povolotsky, who together with his two violinist children, Marianna (like her father, a member of the Israel Philharmonic) and Eugene (who combines music with a career as an independent producer), forms the core of the ensemble.
Other members are cellist Dmitry Golderman (cello), Vladislav Krasnov(viola), both from the IPO as well, and Shay Peker (double bass).
Since its establishment, the ensemble has been in high demand, touringthe US, Canada and Europe, and participating in the White NightsFestival in Dt. Petersburg. The group has also appeared in numerous TVand radio broadcasts in Israel and put out five albums.
The Rozin Culture Center is on RehovDresner 2, Ramat Aviv. Tickets are NIS 80 for the general public andNIS 60 for pensioners. For reservations call (073) 726-2611.