Watch out now

NY-based hip hop group The Beatnuts is known for its sample-heavy beats and explicit party-ready lyrics.

The Beatnuts 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
The Beatnuts 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
On Thursday, May 20th, The Beatnuts, one of New York’s most legendary hip-hop groups, will be playing at the Comfort 13 in Florentine, Tel Aviv. This show is part of a larger European tour, which now includes Israel.
Starting as part of the Native Tongues’ family that included Afrika Bambaataa, De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers, the Beatnuts has since collaborated with Common, Fat Joe, Naughty by Nature, Mos Def, Method Man and many others.
The group is known for sample-heavy beats and explicit club-party lyrics. In early records, the Beatnuts had a jazz and funk-influenced sound; later it fused Latin music into its eclectic and textured beats. With this rare sound, the Beatnuts has attracted Latin music lovers, deejays, emcees, urban artists and those who love melodic hip-hop music. The duo is responsible for classic hits like ‘Watch out Now,’ ‘No Escapin’ This,’ and ‘Off the Books,’ which featured the late, legendary emcee Big Pun.
“The Beatnuts are looking forward to performing for the Israeli crowd, bringing our music into the Middle East is a unique opportunity,” says Nestor Jimenez, the group’s tour manager. “We are hyped that Israel is included on our European tour. We are also excited to visit Israel and especially the holy city of Jerusalem,” says Jimenez.
This concert demonstrates the increasing importance of the urban music scene in Israel and is one of several hip-hop shows planned for this summer. The show is produced by Lifetime, Juice Box and Lukas Brenowitz. Ori Shochat, Alarm and Mesh will provide a warm-up DJ session, while Israeli artists Cohen & Mushon/Peled will open for the Beatnuts.
The Beatnuts perform this Thursday at 11 p.m. at Comfort 13 in Tel Aviv.