What the kids learned

Remember those quintessentially middle-of-the road seventies rock groups?

Remember those quintessentially middle-of-the road (MOR) seventies rock groups like The Eagles, The Carpenters and Bread? While few had the groundbreaking energy and musical complexity of the more revolutionary acts, they produced some solid numbers that stood the test of time. According to New York-born Jerusalemite Eliyahu Sidikman, the melodic charms and close harmonies of Crosby, Stills and Nash (aka CSN), which was formed in 1968, are in a class of their own. So much so that he and fellow American-born CSN lovers Larry Feldman and David Alon have developed a CSN repertoire they will perform at Syndrome on Jerusalem's Hillel Street this Thursday evening. "I first heard CSN when I was at college," says 40-something Sidikman, who sings the Stephen Stills parts (Feldman is David Crosby and Alon takes the Graham Nash role). "I was always fascinated by the way they sang such intricate harmonies." The threesome has been rehearsing twice a week for the past three months, and had a "dry run" at a cozy Jerusalem venue last month. Their repertoire of some of CSN's best-loved numbers includes "Helplessly Hoping," "Southern Cross" and "Teach Your Children." Considering the quality of CSN's vocal output, Sidikman and his pals have taken on quite a challenge. "They really were great," he says. "In fact, they set a standard so high that half the time they couldn't even reach their own benchmark." Sidikman, Feldman and Alon will perform on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. at Syndrome at Rehov Hillel 18, Jerusalem