Run don't walk, to your couch

Run dont walk, to your

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Teatron b'Salon is performance art in the comfort of your own home or office. For the first time in Israel, the group will bring live, creative theater to you. Choose the audience, time and location and Teatron b'Salon will bring the lighting, the sound equipment and of course the actors. Ronen Hershkovitz, CEO and founder of this new venture, is a theater actor with film and television experience as well as a member of the Israel Actors Guild and the former Deputy CO of Latet, a social action organization helping those in need. He still maintains his philanthropic community connections by lending a hand in directing charity shows pro bono. "The idea of a Teatron b'Salon began long ago; in fact it has always been there for me. More recently I realized there was value in this form of personalized entertainment," Hershkovitz relates. "When people are looking for ideas for special events or private parties such as a birthday, retirement party, an anniversary or even just an interesting evening for a circle of friends, Teatron b'Salon may be just the thing," Hershkovitz promotes. Hershkovitz has been involved with the improv group "Komikaze" for over 9 years and still performs in interactive shows. Improv shows demand audience participation but if you choose to take it one step further, as the coordinator of the event you can call Teatron b'Salon in advance and give them the inside scoop on the jokes you want them to make, perhaps focusing on the couple of the evening or humor pertaining to the workplace. There are already over 20 performers that work with Teatron b'Salon but Hershkovitz and his team are always scouting for more talent. The types of performances range from pantomiming to belly dancing, Romany music, jazz, or Ladino tunes to improvisational comedy and commedia dell' arte satire with masks to a telepathist. "We have performed for teachers, the Akim organization that assists people with disabilities, and even the Ministry of Defense," he notes. "We are ever seeking to break down the fourth wall between the audience and the performers and we are succeeding. I believe that all populations can benefit from the high-quality entertainment we have to offer." For more info visit