Ma'adanot has come up with healthier burekas made with whole wheat flour.

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Osem has new maple and chocolate flavored syrup, which you can use to add flavor to your ice cream, cakes, pudding, pancakes, or other desserts. The syrup comes in a nicely shaped bottle for an easy grip, and costs NIS 9.95. Burekas with cheese or potato filling are popular snacks, and to make them more attractive, Ma'adanot has come up with healthier burekas made with whole wheat flour. A 700 gr. package of cheese mini-burekas is NIS 19.49, and the potato mini-burekas are NIS 17.49. La Cremeria now has delicious ice cream packed in individual-size cups, so go ahead and indulge. The La Cremeria Italy ice creams come in vanilla-strawberry and chocolate-hazelnut flavors; a three-pack is NIS 18. NIS 12.85; these coffees are available only during the winter months. New from Of Tovis barbecue-flavored chicken, made with meat from young hens (pargiyot). Available are two types of chicken filet; a 500 gr. bag, which you can find in the frozen-food department, is NIS 38.50. Quite yummy are the yeast cakes made by Dolce Vita, available in the flavors chocolate, cinnamon and poppy seed. The cakes are available in most supermarkets for NIS 16. Tsatziki is usually a kind of cold yogurt soup, but the Gaddairy company now has a firmer, spreadable kind of tsatziki, made from labeneh, with cucumber, dill and garlic; a 250 gr. container is NIS 10. To make a boring dish of toasted pasta more fun to eat, Osem offers heart-shaped toasted pasta. The taste is still kind of bland, but kids seem to like that; a 500 gr. bag of heart-shaped toasted pasta is NIS 5.65. To keep your coffee fresh to the last grain, Hi Caf has come up with the Wonderseal container. Thanks to a special mechanism, you get out the desired amount of coffee grains for each cup, without the risk of the other grains getting wet. A 180 gr. jar of this freeze-dried coffee, available in selected Co-op Blue Square stores, is NIS 40.