Yoplait has three new mousses that are even yummier after you put them in the freezer.

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Dominos Pizza now has Brooklyn Style Pizza with a thin crust so it can easily be folded, supposedly the way they eat it New York City (which is true, says my NYC-born husband, although he never heard this called "Brooklyn-style"). You can choose from different toppings, such as pepperoni (obviously not kosher), tomatoes or mushrooms; a family-size Brooklyn Style Pizza (six slices) is NIS 64.90. Those who like Asian food can now enjoy Thai Bean Vermicelli, suitable for stir-frying, to add to a soup or a salad, available in most supermarkets at NIS 10 for a 200-gr. package. Most kids (except mine) like wafers, and Manamit now has wafers you can put in the freezer, so they become a cool treat on a hot summer day. A package containing 40 wafers is NIS 16-NIS 18. The new Italian-style smoked salami by Yehiam is quite yummy. The salami is spiced with mustard grains; 300 gr., packed in a resealable box, is NIS 19. Telma has new breakfast cereals called Bioflakes, which are whole cereal flakes rich in so-called pre-biotic fibers (promoting the "good" bacteria in the digestive system). The flakes contain sugar and sweetener, but are not sweet at all. Bioflakes are rich in dietary fibers and contain vitamins and iron; a 500-gr. package is NIS 21 to NIS 24. Yoplait has three new mousses that are even yummier after you put them in the freezer. They can then be eaten as a refreshing fruit ice cream; the flavors are strawberry, mango and passion fruit. One tub is NIS 3.70. Ahla has a new version of lite humous, this time with garlic; a 500-gr. container is NIS 13.87. Asis has a diet version of cold tea syrup with lemon verbena. With this bottle, you can prepare yourself many refreshing glasses of cold tea flavored drinks; a one-liter bottle is NIS 13.45. A new gimmick from the Strauss dairy company are the Gamadim Laila Tov, strawberry flavored yogurt drinks with added magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins. The little bottles even glow in the dark! A six-pack of these drinks is NIS 12.50.