Prigat has a new variety in its series of freshly squeezed juice with litchi and passion fruit.

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Mahlebene has a new series of delicious and refreshing fruit-flavored yogurt drinks called Lassi. Originally an Indian drink, it's a wonderful and healthy way to quench your thirst on these hot summer days. The three flavors are mango, passion fruit and raspberry; mango was the absolute favorite in my house. The price for a container is NIS 5. The ice cream chain Dr. Lek is also offering refreshing yogurt shakes in 24 different flavors. These Yogushakes are made with frozen yogurt drink mixed with sherbet or low-fat ice cream; the ingredients are 100 percent natural. The Yogushake is available in 330 ml. for NIS 14 or 500 ml. for NIS 18. The Hillel coffee chain has new Italian ice creams, prepared in the American style with soft ice cream. The two flavors are vanilla and coffee, covered with chocolate sauce; 130 gr. is NIS 12, and 230 gr. is NIS 16. A nice cool drink you can enjoy to chill out at the end of a summer day is raspberry Sparkletini, a bubbly white wine with raspberry flavor, containing only 5% alcohol. A bottle of this Italian Verdi Sparkletini is NIS 24.90. Prigat has a new variety in its series of freshly squeezed juice with litchi and passion fruit. This juice with fruits of the season is available for a period of three months only; a one-liter bottle is NIS 12. Those who prefer water, the ultimate thirst-quenching refreshing drink, can now get a five-liter bottle of Neviot mineral water, with a special spout at the cap for easy serving. Because of its shape with flattened sides, the bottle easily fits in between refrigerator shelves when laying it down; the price for the five-liter bottle is NIS 9 to NIS 10. Mama Mary markets frozen forest fruits, imported from Eastern Europe; the fruits can be used to prepare fruit pies or sherbets. The varieties are sour cherries, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries or a mix of forest fruits; the price is NIS 16 to NIS 19 for 380 gr. Kids (and adults with a sweet tooth) can now enjoy their Milki chocolate dessert with whipped cream with a bonus of different kinds of chocolate candy to be mixed with the Milki. A three-pack of Milki Mix with three different toppings is sold at NIS 14.90. Yad Hamelech has three new lite coleslaws that are good side dishes served with a light meal. The variations are coleslaw with carrots and herbs, Chinese coleslaw and coleslaw with dill and other herbs; a 250-gr. container is NIS 15.