Let Elite and Osem can make your life a little easier this holiday with their ready-made cakes.

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elite cake 88
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If you need some extra honey cakes for the upcoming holidays, Elite and Osem can make your life a little easier with their ready-made cakes. Elite has a nice brownies-honey cake with nuts on top, and a honey cake that is partly prepared from whole wheat flour. The honey in both cakes is from Yad Mordechai; the brownies-honey cake is NIS 15.75 and the whole wheat honey cake is NIS 12.80. Osem offers several honey cakes, such as a lite honey cake (NIS 14.40), a yeast honey cake with raisins (NIS 16.55) and a honey-apple crumb cake (NIS 16.55). Wissotzky has a new flavor of its Ice T that is appropriate for the New Year: pomegranate. A 1.5 liter bottle is NIS 7. Prigat has two new soft drinks made with apple, plus other flavors, called Apples of Eden. The two varieties are apple-pear-passion fruit, and apple-pear-litchi; a 1.5-liter bottle is NIS 5.5 to NIS 6.5. If you want to snack on dried fruits or nuts, why not go organic? Adama has prepacked pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, raisins, banana chips, dried apricot and dried figs. The organic fruits and nuts are healthier for you than the regular ones, but also pricier: a 250-gr. package varies from NIS 14.90 to NIS 29. The luxurious Häagen-Dazs ice cream now comes in a new flavor: Summer Berries & Cream. This refreshing variety comes in a 500-ml. container (NIS 27.90 to NIS 32.90), or as ice cream on a stick covered with chocolate (NIS 25 for a package of three). To my kids' delight, Hubba Bubba has come up with a new flavor of its Bubble Tape, which unrolls like Scotch tape. The new Triple Mix is a combination of strawberry, blueberry and watermelon; one Bubble Tape is NIS 6. Of Tov makes schnitzels in the shape of an airplane, a truck, a tractor and a ship, thinking that if the shape is attractive, your kid is going to be more likely to eat. So now you can say to your child: "Here comes the airplane…" and really mean it; a 700-gr. package of these Schnitzels on the Road is NIS 24.90. Tnuva has two new cottage cheeses with added ingredients: with cucumbers, and with garlic and cumin. The price for the cucumber cottage cheese is NIS 6.09, and the garlic-cumin variety is NIS 6.79. You can now find three different Disney pastas in the Supersol stores, in the shape of Disney princesses, Mickey & Co. and Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends. See if your kids can make out the different familiar faces and be prepared for a messy pasta experience. A 500-gr. package of Disney pasta is NIS 10.