Where do I buy a drawing board?

I met someone nice and the butterflies flapped around my stomach for a few days. But for whatever reasons, the fluttering was ordered into a holding pattern. Forever getting back in the saddle, within a few hours I already had a rebound date for the next morning for coffee.
Up early to meticulously put together my ''not trying too hard outfit,'' I received a text from my rebound that he was re-thinking.
So, without a thought for how my butt looked, I quickly changed back into my uber-comfy jeans and my ugly sneakers and was grateful for the opportunity to run my errands without having to be charming between 10 and 10:30 am.
Always the optimist, I was duly impressed that this guy was considerate enough to cancel instead of stand me up. At least I wasn''t the poster girl for "all dressed up and no place to go." I was merely having a one step forward and two steps back kind of day. 
I''ve had them before, those yucky days. Nothing over the top. Nothing depressive. Just yucky. They are not fun. But they pass. It''s just that I''ve had so many of them lately!
I  get through such days, just like the others. But still, I''m fairly sure that some time during my errands I audibly sighed as I resigned myself to a trip back to the proverbial drawing board.