Mr. Harper, a Palestinian gay man needs your help

Dear Mr. Harper,


I am an Arab Canadian who intends to vote for you in the next election.  I am not a typical Conservative voter since I am a social democrat, but I believe that when it comes to the most important moral issues of our time, you are on the correct side.


At a time when irrational criticism of Israel is at an all-time high, you remain calm and assured in your support of the only democracy in the Middle East.  Despite doom-and-gloom predictions about your alleged “hidden agenda”, you have confounded critics by supporting LGBT rights on the international stage better than any Canadian Prime Minister before you.  You have also taken a principled stand against Daish (ISIS) while Canada’s two opposition leaders have competed to come up with excuses for doing nothing.


For these reasons I find myself confused by the situation of John Calvin.  I do not claim to understand Canada’s refugee policy, but I cannot believe that it would support deportation of this young Palestinian gay man who converted to Christianity and who would face certain death in the Palestinian territories.


Perhaps you are not aware of John Calvin’s plight, which is why I am writing to tell you about it.


I am writing on behalf of all Canadians who will vote for you, not because we are core Conservative voters, but because you have a principled foreign policy that is based on strong moral values.  On their behalf, I urge you to review the case of John Calvin and to not let us down.



Fred Maroun


Note: This letter was sent to Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper at [email protected] and to Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander at [email protected].  You are encouraged to write as well, and you are urged to sign the petition at