Kudos to Capital One

It was Monday at 9 PM and I was exhausted walking through Reagan National airport, hoping to relax before departing for Detroit.  I wouldn't relax, but it could have been a lot worse. 
As a college student I barely had enough money to make it through the weekend, and if it weren't for J Street I would have never made it to DC.  I had an action-packed two days, short on sleep but long on education/fun, and didn't need any more money, except for the $39 to get my car out of the parking garage back at DTW.
That insignificant sum of money looked like it was going to cause big problems.
I checked my card balance and noticed I had just $10 to spare.  Logically my next step was to request a credit line increase.  Denied. I'd been given an increase 2 weeks ago.  
Next I tried gaming the ATM, hoping it'd spit cash out even though I had no credit.  What was I thinking?
At this point I was worried stiff.  How would I get my car out? Call someone at midnight on a Monday night and ask them to drive a half hour to metro airport and bail me out?  I picked up the phone and dialed Capital One's customer service.  
The first attendant I spoke with informed me what I already knew, "Request a credit line increase."  I explained it was an emergency and I had just been given one so it wouldn't work, to which she put me on hold.  I waited for 5 minutes, and then was disconnected. Now I was pissed.   
So I called back, frankly told the attendant "I'm in an emergency, need a $50 credit increase, requesting an increase won't work, please help me."  She put me on hold, and then told me if I'd just transfer some funds, they'd make sure it would go through immediately.  I rudely told her if I had said funds I wouldn't be calling.  Another hold, more disappointments, and I told her to put me in touch with her supervisor.  
After 10 minutes of hold, her supervisor came on the line with full knowledge of my predicament. After a few more holds, she came back on the line not to tell that she couldn't help, but rather to ask me if I was sure I only needed $50.  I told her that would be sufficient and within 2 minutes she added $50 to my credit line. 
Unfortunately I didn't catch her name, and if Capital One is reading this I encourage you to look through the call log and give her some well-deserved recognition.  
It's not everyday that colossal corporations override company policy and employ common sense to help their customers, but Capital One has proven they have a heart.  
She ended the call by telling me if I ever needed anything to contact Capital One and they would help me no matter what. My credit line may be insignificant, but they've won a customer for life.  
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