Who's Who: Peace/War Mongers in the Middle-East

Maze Cartoon of peace and war  mongers in the middle-east
maze cartoon of peace and war mongersmaze cartoon of peace and war mongers
Maze cartoon of warmongers and peace mongers in the middle east. The peacemongers are all locals, voters, and people who actually live in the middle east. The warmongers are the press, newspapers and media.
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Click here for the maze solution of peace and warmongers
This was drawn back on July 3rd 2010, just a few months ago. I doubt it has the same effect it yielded back then, as much has changed since that time. But it is still a maze you still need to solve it so YALLLAAA! The entrance is in the upper left corner and exit in the lower right, if you can solve it in under 19.6 seconds, then you are some kind of genius. 
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