Start listening! Stop projecting!

 Our enemies near and far aren't at all shy about saying what they are planning and thinking. The problem is that the Israeli media, government and politicians give us fokokt versions of what they are hoping the Arabs are really saying.
There has been no change in the Arab agenda. Just like during the lead up to the 1967 Six Days War, when Nasser said that his aim was to drive Israel and the Jews into the sea, today's Arab enemies of Israel plan our destruction.
Israel's biggest problem is that instead of taking the Arabs seriously, the Leftist media and politicians even in the so-called Center keep on insisting that such policy can be negotiated away. They interpret all the very clear threats, plans and predictions according to their own feelings and agenda.
The Arabs, who are called by many Palestinians sic, are very blunt, and we should be listening to what they say. Palestinian PM: We've experienced direct talks, and they were a failure "The Palestinians are hoping for "a new framework," negotiations that would include a deadline for the withdrawal of Israeli troops and the establishment of a Palestinian state." (Jerusalem Post)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should take this seriously and stop all of his fantasizing about how he can either make conditions for a Palestinian sic state so difficult they'd give up or manage to get them to accept a fake state that Israel would have control over, like the conditions now. Neither of those scenarios will ever happen! That's because pretty much the entire world has been conspiring rather publicly to facilitate the establishment of a State of Palestine and let Israel be damned.
Yes, that's exactly what they think. "Israel says UN grants Hamas-linked group NGO status" "Palestinian PM Says US Coordinating With France on UN Palestinian State Resolution" Just like the world was silent and acquiesced to to the creeping Nazi discrimination later Holocaust of European Jewry and only fought the Nazis when Germany invaded other European countries during the 1930's and 1940's, no foreign country will do anything at all to rescue the State of Israel.
Dream on if you think otherwise. You'll find yourself slaughtered in bed. We must wake up and fight it! It won't be easy, but we have no choice if we want to stay alive and keep the State of Israel. At least we have one ally, and that is G-d. If G-d hadn't helped us in 1948, there never would have had been a State of Israel, and if G-d hadn't helped us in 1967, we would have been defeated and driven into the sea. I say all of this as a pragmatist, as a realist!!
This was first posted on my personal blog Shiloh Musings as Start Listening! Stop Projecting!