Connection Trumps All

When will we realize that there is no political solution to the crises stalking the world?  The Have-nots angrily blame the Haves for their lack while the Haves guard their affluence. Everyone is either in pursuit of what others have or protecting their own bounty.  The time has come to recognize our nature as one of self benefit.  None are excluded from the influence of our natural tendencies.  We all actively contribute to the problems  plaguing us.  Every proposed "solution" directly ignores the desires of its opposition.  Unless we abandon the convenience of placing blame on the faulty values and actions of others, the last human heart will stop beating within two centuries.  There…I said it.  I can say it more simply.  HUMANITY IS A BLINK AWAY FROM SELF IMPOSED EXTINCTION!
Science, technology, economics, religion, spirituality and philosophy all point to our existing inside of an interconnected system whose integral components are governed by a set of laws.  Let’s call the system “Nature”.  In order to include those who favor “God” as the system’s title, Nature is capitalized.  (Interesting fact:  In the Hebrew language, believed by many linguists to predate Hieroglyphics as the oldest form of written communication, letters have numerical values as a means of mapping the relationships between the qualities of seemingly different ideas.  The Hebrew word “Hateva”, nature, is equal in value to the word “Elohim” or God.)  On one hand, the human species is undeniably included in the system of Nature.  On the other, our behavior towards one another and collectively towards the system at large reflects neither the general values of Nature or a recognition on our part that in order to maintain an active membership to this system, we are obligated to embrace the basic principals by which it is organized.
The system of Nature manages itself according to a primarily simple principal.  Give and receive. Its function reflects its purpose. Nature’s purpose is for the unified whole to provide absolute benefit (the fulfillment of desire/need) to each of its separate components. With the benefit received in the parts, each in turn is able to perform an essential role towards the benefit of the entire systemic purpose.  The system of Nature might well be described as a symbiotic pleasure vortex.  It gives and receives pleasure, but neither the giver or receiver performs it’s function for it’s own benefit.  Though the two opposing qualities are incapable of more than their inherent essence, they use themselves to justify the existence of their total opposite.  By sharing a common goal, separates are joined to a singularity.  The result is… well... “amazing” doesn’t quite describe it, but close enough.
Except for humanity, every element of the system of Nature gives and receives according to the principal “One for All and All for One”. The human ego, basically an automated program designed to repeatedly calculate “most pleasure for least effort”, stands as a barrier to our harmonious inclusion in the system.  While other species have no tendency for hoarding resources, our ceaseless ego encourages us to do so with obscene fervor.  As a result, we have come to perceive everything past the boundary of our own skin as a potential threat to the acquisition and stockpiling of everything we can get our hands on, as if at any moment Nature might cease to provide even another morsel of goodness.  This great desire to pursue maximum self benefit has distracted our gaze from the imminent ends to such instinctive behavior…self annihilation.
The unprecedented turbulence manifest in the latest American electoral exercise very clearly highlights an undeniable deficiency in human relations.  Though we have slowly begun to loosen our grip on self-delusion,  we continue to allow corporate/political interests (they are one and the same) to divide and conquer using advanced marketing logarithms, to which we volunteer the necessary data in exchange for the use of various social platforms and communication technologies.  Disguised as journalism and entertainment, the media (the task master of corporate/political interests) works in coercion to execute the architecture of our brainwashing; a perfect storm of unavoidable sensory bombardment and neurolinguistic programming through which to deliver to our subconscious a prescribed set of beliefs and values chosen to benefit the interests of a select few.  
It is easy to understand the erupting frustration of so many, as if waking from a cozy dream with a belly ache, finally digesting the rotten fruit harvested from a vine of poisonous human relations.  However, the dissenting multitudes must be very careful that the fertile fervor of rising rebellion does not simply sweep one set of failed policies under the rug in favor of another.  In order to finally progress toward altruism, both left and right must come to terms with their significant contributions to the failures of partisan culture.  As civilization has shown with rising frequency, violence breeds violence, opposition breeds opposition and hatred will continue to breed hatred until we recognize our differences as an opportunity to discover love; true concern for the benefit of more than ourselves as individuals.  The time has come to invest in connection and mutual inclusion as the most valuable personal and collective asset.
Egoism is common to all.  While it guides the 1% to justify their enslavement of the masses for personal gain, it simultaneously drives the 99% to embrace the pacifying shackles of personal comforts.  The necessary change is not merely an adjustment to the pallet of available political and economic flavors, but an absolute reconstruction of the core values to which we subscribe as a people.  Nothing short of a revolution of consciousness will do.  We must build a new way of relating to one another, each and all; educate ourselves, our children and the whole of society towards something more than the rampant pursuit of individual benefit to which we all presently aspire.
Here is the challenge.  In order to develop in harmonious reflection of Nature’s principals, humanity needs to value honor above wealth and wisdom above knowledge.  By rearranging the content and methods of education, we can install connection in place of consumerism as the cause and aim of civilization.  As unemployment skyrockets over the next 50 years, primarily due to the automation of the workforce, the jobless masses can earn their necessities by learning about the dynamic laws governing positive human connection.  As a result, we will discover the source and essence of lasting pleasure to be mutual concern for others.  At an increasing rate, people’s value in society will be based on the contributions they make, to not only their own, but to the quality of others’ connections with each other.  Soon thereafter, money will no longer be necessary, as the planet will be ruled by a culture of love and care for others.  
We are at the forefront of the greatest evolutionary development in the history of humanity.  Initially it might be very difficult to envision such a stark revolution of consciousness taking route.  However, it’s implementation will be rapid and delightful in comparison to 150-200 years of war and suffering before the heart of the last surviving human stops beating. We can let it sink in slowly, if we prefer.  We have 5-10 years, if that, before signs of humanity’s imminent systemic breakdown are no longer deniable.  If we prefer, however, we can make a calm and joyful transition toward realizing our true potential as a unified species, revealing the unimaginable pleasures available to all within the system of Nature.