From the front Ro: My country is bleeding

Some are calling it a wave of terror. Some are calling it the third intifada. Others call it the stabbing intifada.
It is all the same thing: blatant and obvious terrorism with the intent to kill as many Jews as possible.
My country is bleeding.
Israeli's live in fear of being stabbed in the streets, being shot on a bus, of getting run over on a bright sunny day with absolutely no reason or logic to explain the incident. So instead, they simply don't go out more than is absolutely necessary. The streets are quiet and businesses are suffering because simply walking to the grocery store can be a life threatening venture.
This morning I got out of bed and walked to my bus stop to get to work, just as I have every day of the week for the last few years since I made aliya. Today however, I took extra precautions as I have for the last month or so ever since the rise in terrorist attacks on the Israeli civilian population. Between two and five attacks are to be expected on an average day and I certainly don't want to be a part of one.
Before leaving the house I prepared a scalding cup of coffee- hotter than is safe to drink. Why? It can be used as a weapon if someone approaches me to attack me.
I walk without headphones or music in my ears and I keep my cell phone in my bag. Why? To avoid distraction so I can keep an eye on my surroundings.
I stand behind my bus stop instead of along the curb. Why? Just in case a terrorist should chose my bus stop in a quiet neighborhood outside of Tel Aviv to carry out a ramming attack.
My country is bleeding and I am constantly afraid.
There was an attack a few blocks away from my office. I sat with my co-workers and listened to the helicopters circle overhead and the piercing sirens of the ambulances and police racing to the scene. A civilian stabbed
"Palestinian shot in apparent attempted stabbing."
"Israeli police kill Palestinians in alleged attack."
"Palestinian killed in apparent ramming incident."
The international media shows it's extreme bias every time they report on a new "incident." Terrorism is a word they refuse to use. They refuse to place the blame on the Palestinians who proudly teach their children that their main goal in life should be to kill Jews. They refuse to call a spade a spade. I almost prefer they didn't report on it at all.
My country is bleeding and the world has turned a blind eye by refusing to acknowledge terrorism.
What never ceases to amaze me is the incredible stamina of the Israeli people. People may spend less time strolling the streets or drinking coffee in an outdoor cafe but they are by no means taking this 'spat' of terrorism laying down.
Selfie sticks and rolling pins tucked into purses and umbrellas carried on a sunny day- anything that can be used as a weapon is now fair play. Israeli hutzpah dictates that we will not run. Everyday people become heroes as every day people try to take back their power and return life to normal.
This is how Israeli's cope: by trying to take control of an impossible situation.
My country might be bleeding but it will not simply sit back and take it.
This country has survived endless terror, countless wars and immeasurable pain. The people of Israel have suffered together, grown stronger together and overcome every obstacle together. That remains unchanged.
Groups of people take to the streets of Jerusalem, stopping in every store they pass to show their support and solidarity in the tourist slump that comes with terrorism. Funerals of victims of terror overflow with those looking to comfort the families for we are one people. Unity rallies and support groups have popped up across the country. People stand on street corners to hand out Israeli flags so people can show their patriotism is unwavering.
My country is bleeding but it's heart shines through and it is that heart that will keep us going no matter what. We are strong, we are stubborn, and we will prevail.