Five very uneasy pieces

I trust you remember my previous post last week on Pal. statehood and their responsibility for their own lack of success.  I used an egg all band-aided as an illustrative graphic.
Well, maybe even someone else read it, for we have now Aaron David Miller''s Humpty Dumpty Palestine in Foreign Policy magazine. His big Pal. minus:-
...beneath the expressions of solidarity, celebration, and hoopla, a much darker reality looms: The Palestinian national movement has become a fractured Humpty Dumpty, with grave consequences for Israeli-Palestinian peace, regional stability, and Palestinians themselves.
But then he goes soft on them:
The Palestinians are a people with a compelling and just cause; their nationalism and attachment to Palestine cannot be easily broken or undermined. Just consider the Jews in the diaspora, whose attachment and yearning for the Land of Israel survived centuries of rootlessness, persecution, and even genocide.
That. Mr. Miller, I would consider egg splat. It’s an immoral comparison.
But the negative aspects of the Pals. Is too much even for him and he notes the negatives (did he read my blog post?):-
Still, geography, demography, and power politics drive history too, not just ethics, morality, and memory. And here the Palestinian story is much less compelling. Decentralized, dysfunctional, and divided, the Palestinian national movement has long lacked a coherent strategy for realizing its people''s nationalist aspirations through either armed struggle or diplomacy. The Israeli occupation, the perfidy of the Arab states, and the Palestinians'' own dysfunctional decision-making have left them adrift, without much hope of achieving meaningful statehood.
And is forced to observe the crack-up of the Pals.:-
Over the years, centrifugal forces and history itself have broken the Palestinians into five very uneasy pieces.
Daniel Gordis in 2010 noted that her in the JPost, too as did the New York Times''  Tom Friedman in 2009.
But I already pointed in that direction in 2007.
The conclusion of Mr. Miller, the Clintonite?
A Palestine in pieces does not bode well for a conflict-ending solution, and no paper resolution or upgrade in status in New York this month will change that.
So, are the Arabs still but in a state of mind or, as is their wont, their own statehood really isn’t their primary agenda item. They do not want Jews to fulfill our national aspirations and rights.
September is here.  And soon, it will pass.