Voche Vort I


[Voche Vorte = a short and pithy comment on events]


As Greer Fay Cashman informs us, a la oo-la-la the Even-Sa''ar romance

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The Hebrew media has been obsessed in recent weeks with the romance of Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar and television anchor woman Geula Even...now the situation has been exacerbated by a controversial decision on the part of the powers-that-be at the Israel Broadcasting Authority, which last week named Even and political reporter Ayala Hasson as coanchors of the Knesset elections broadcast...The Ethics Committee of the Israel Broadcasting Authority met this week to discuss the problem after receiving several requests to have Even replaced on Election Night. Opinions among committee members were divided as to whether Even was sufficiently professional to put her emotional interests on the back burner, but there was consensus that as things stand, the situation doesn''t look good.
Even, always presumed left-of-center, although a high school friend noted Even has a poster of Netahyahu on her bedroom wall at the time, is now suspected by the media branja to be unethical and unprofessional even though they championed her standing and status when she was under attack from the right.  Her HaMussaf show of late has been problemtaic at times when she exploits the opening lead-in segment to sound off in a personal opinion column which should be rather more suprevised.
Although we are not sure if this is just a meeting of the mons rather than a meeting of the minds, all of a sudden, Even can''t be trusted?
Must be something to do with the fact that her romantic interest is as Likud Minister.
Can''t trust the right?
Or can we always trust the left to be hypocritical and self-righteous?
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And as for the elections, going over the (almost unbelievable) polls'' results, could it be that Netanyahu has been so successfull in explaining to the Israel electorate that (a) there is no peace partner and that (b) Eretz-Yisrael is ours and that there is a major rightward shift that he is now in danger of being...left behind at the election ballot boxes?