Let`s talk about “Palestinian resistance”

“The world loves us only when we are to be pitied.”
- Golda Meir
Unfortunately, I am starting to believe in this statement, because I see more blind and deaf than those who listen and search.
What are they resisting?
It is unfortunately one brutal myth that Israeli soldiers are criminals who torture innocent people, Palestinians.
I do not generalise people, and I will not ever say that they are all the same, but I am going to emphasize some facts:
They are resisting Israeli power of force as it is often said; they are resisting Israeli “brutality”.
They are resisting to confess that Palestinians does not exist like nation, they came from Jordan and Egypt.
I am going to write some facts about confessions on which world close eyes:
Usually kids are used like human shields and taught to stone soldiers.
Resistance? Yes, you should resist hate.
Children are taught to hate and kill the Jews because Jew “stole” their land.
Which is an absurd lie.
Children should be taught peace and love.
Stabbing innocent civilians,
Vehicle-ramming attack,
Suicide bombers,
Calling for “Day of Rage”. Sounds peaceful?
Resistance? Digging terror tunnels
Organizing Terror Summer Camps for youth
Peaceful or sounds like resistance?
Killing their people who say “NO” to Hamas and their lows. However, none talks about it.
Rocket attacks on Israel, sounds like resistance of good neighbor?
Boycott, Divestment and Sanction movement  is an act of resistance? It is an act of fascism.
When it comes about Palestinian resistance, yes, we should admit one fact, they need to restate hate to Israel which has right to exist.
There is no resistance without justice and justice is the truth which is hated by many.
I apologize to be honest, hence, many people cannot resist hating Jews just because they are Jews.
They cannot resist hating Israel, because Israel is again Jewish land and land of all peaceful people who live there and respect it.
That is “code” for “resistance”.
“I am also grateful that I live in a country whose people have learned how to go on living in a sea of hatred without hating those who want to destroy them and without abandoning their own vision of peace. To have learned this is a great art, the prescription for which is not written down anywhere. It is part of our way of life in Israel. Finally, I wish to say that from the time I came to Palestine as a young woman, we have been forced to choose between what is more dangerous and what is less dangerous for us. At times we have all been tempted to give in to various pressures and to accept proposals that might guarantee us a little quiet for a few months or maybe even for a few years, but that could only lead us eventually into even greater peril.”
- Golda Meir