Israel and Palestine

UN Ambassador Erdan bashes Abbas’ ‘peaceful resistance’ comments at UNGA

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas used his platform at the UN General Assembly to bash Israeli actions and defend Palestinian terrorism as "peaceful resistance."

Meet the EU envoy hoping to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: “We all have an obligation as non-desperate people who try to do good things to show that there is something to live for,” he said.

The great challenge: The solution has to come from us, not the outside - opinion

It is possible that we have not suffered enough to come to terms with the need for a solution.

'Ending that occupation' without a solid peace agreement is impossible. Here's why - opinion

Using legal and humanitarian arguments to justify Palestinian demands ignores Israel’s legitimate claims to Judea and Samaria and its security needs. 


Clarity of intentions, actions of consequence is what is required - opinion

Without finding the moral courage and fortitude to take such actions, the situation could become much worse than it already is.

If Israel can change with a non-violent approach, why can't Palestinians? - opinion

Lessons are being learned in every major regional capital, not to mention in Washington and Moscow. Regrettably, it’s a safe bet that Palestinian leadership in Ramallah is learning nothing.


Dugri duo bring a fresh take on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dugri was initiated by Rosenman after he saw US Rapper Joyner Lucas’ Im Not Racist - a blunt, rap music video that dealt with racism in America, racial slurs and stereotypes.


Settlement legalization inconsistent with Israeli democracy, US says

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that the Biden administration had clarified its opposition to settlement activity.

Palestinian official to ‘Post’: No great expectations from Blinken visit

The Palestinians aren't asking for anything other than for the US administration live up to its promises towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Palestinians slam Biden administration for failing to stop Israeli ‘escalation’

Palestinian officials voiced disappointment over Washington's failure to fulfill its promises to the Palestinians, such as reopening the US Consulate in Jerusalem.

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