Obstacle to peace


  “If a land can have a soul, Jerusalem is the soul of Israel.”

        - David Ben Gurion


Jerusalem`s Temple Mount and Western Wall are considered Judaism`s holiest site.

To be more specific, the Western Wall is a remnant of the Temple.

Spiritually and culturally more than 3000 years Jerusalem has played significant role in Jewish history.


According to Israeli law, Jews are not allowed to pray at Temple Mount to avoid potential violence.


UNESCO has passed a resolution ignoring Jewish history and acknowledging only Islamic history of the Temple Mount.

The resolution was approved by 24 members, six countries voted against it while 26 countries abstained from voting.

Hence, it is pointed out that main role of UNESCO is to promote respect for history and tolerance.


Respect for history and tolerance?


Firstly, this shameful resolution has no respect for history. Elementary knowledge of history is needed to figure out that Temple Mount is the holiest site for Jews and that Jewish connection to Jerusalem is constant since ancient times.

Moreover, the resolution has no respect for archaeological discoveries which make it clear about Jewish history in Jerusalem.

 Tolerance should encourage peace; however, this resolution supports those who do not want peace.


What about terror attacks which are conducted in Jerusalem by terrorists?

 Is it peaceful?

 Is it manner to express respect and promote tolerance?

 By ignoring acts of terrorism, those who voted for that resolution had just given support to those who “live to die”.

Furthermore, they voted against history, the truth, tolerance, and peace.


In Israel, terror attacks occur often.

 Israel`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that since 13 September 2015:

 42  people have been killed in terrorist  attacks

 577 people wounded

 109 shootings

 89 attempted stabbings

 47 vehicular attacks

 166 stabbing attacks

 One vehicle bus bombings

 Nevertheless, attackers had been praised by the Palestinian authority.

 The highest form of violence is ignoring the violence.

 The highest form of violence is disrespecting those who yearn for peace and supporting those who promote hate.


The Hamas Covenant also known as Hamas Charter had been published in August 1988.

 In addition it states that:

 ″Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam invalidates it, just as it invalidated others before it″.

 “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through jihad (holy war).”

 As I have mentioned before, Jews do not pray at Temple Mount in order to avoid violence.

 What are Muslims doing in order to avoid violence?

Additionally, in Syria there is a systematic destruction of historical heritage sites conducted by Islamic State.

The fact of the matter is that Jerusalem is holy to three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It is important to mention that Israel defends religious freedom.

 Hence, there is another significant statement to mention; Israel cannot occupy her own country. Jerusalem was, is and will be the capital of Israel.

 Unfortunately nowadays it is “risky” to say: “Yes, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Some people consider it disrespectful.

Undoubtedly, disrespectful is to deny historical proofs. 

Particularly, anti-Semitic people deny it, calling for “tolerance” and “peace” not because they love Palestinians but hate Jews.

Promoting tolerance means to stand by those who encourage democratic values and support religious freedom.

Respecting history means knowing facts about it.

To conclude, the campaign which main goal is to ignore and deny Jewish ties to the Temple Mount is nothing but an obstacle to peace.