I am not at the Rabin Memorial!

I have had enough of memorials. I have had enough of a left wing that is eloquent when speaking and unable to produce results.
I went to the memorial to Rabin last year and heard many moving speeches, there were members of Rabin''s family and politicians from the left all speaking about the need to bring forth "The Shalom". I was moved to tears hearing them and I believed in them.
A year later and of course nothing has changed.
A year later and the Left has crumbled even more now than it had then. They witnessed the country take to the streets in favour of the specific agenda championed by Labour and they still utterly failed to connect with the people, their base.
How long do they expect us to swallow their beautiful words about making the necessary changes and working towards a better tomorrow when those words aren''t backed up by meaningful actions?
How long must we watch the all too public infighting that goes on amongst these pygmies who would be our leaders and stay silent? How long must we watch while these people attempt to fill the shoes of giants and fail even to take the smallest of steps?
It''s been 16 years since the man whose name I won''t utter dragged Israel into the darkness and we have yet to grope our way back into the light. Those who have attempted to fill Rabin''s shoes have been of a progressively poorer calibre one after the other. Now the Labour party has a leader who finds it more prudent to stay silent when she should be heard, to do little when she should be running all over the country in an effort to reinvigorate the ailing Party that was once the most powerful in Israeli politics.
It just isn''t enough any more to make these lovey dovey speeches and still do nothing!