Hamas is not a terrorist organization and the cows can fly…

With a perfect timing, calling it wrong doesn’t give the exact idea, after the events of Sydney and those mangled bodies, still warm, of 145 school children in Peshawar, Pakistan, both perpetrated by the bloody hands of Islamic terrorists possessed by a belief which glorifies death, hate and evil, the European Union Court of Justice has accepted the appeal and has removed Hamas from the terror blacklist.
The decision to take Hamas off the EU's terrorist list was a legal, not a political decision, that will likely be appealed. Hamas was removed from the list because the evidence used to place the organization on the list did not meet European standards, according to the prompt declaration of Federica Mogherini, EU Foreign Policy chief. This decision by the EU Court will freeze Hamas’s funds for three months pending any appeal by the EU.
The reaction of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, of course, has been immediate! An organization whose charter says that its aim is to destroy Israel and all the Jews is a terrorist organization so the burden of proof is a EU duty. He said: “he expects them to immediately return Hamas to the list where everyone realizes they should be”.
Just few days ago, Hamas, on the occasion of the celebration of the 27th anniversary of its founding, in Gaza, has burned an effigy of a Jew, parading with model rockets and displaying coffins with photos of Israelis butchered in terror attacks. Members of Hamas’ armed forces, including members of its naval commandos, marched proudly in a parade, displaying rockets that they fire on Israeli civilian population centers during the last summer war. This is how Hamas chooses to incite hatred towards Israel and showing to the world its rabid anti-Semitism. So, what more is needed to consider them and call them for what they are: Islamic terrorists?
As an Italian, who is a Member State of the European Union, and as a mother, I am totally shocked by this decision, and I feel ashamed by the fact that it has concise with the day of global mourning for those poor innocent souls who were executed in Pakistan for the simple fact they exist.
Europe has a big debt with Israel and the Jews around the world, we have created ghettos, forced conversions, the racial laws, Hitler, Mussolini, Nazism, Fascism, concentration camps ... and now we are declaring that Hamas is a friendly group of jokers?
No never. I do not accept it, not in my name. We must believe that Europe prefers to give support to Islamic terrorists instead of liberal democracies? It’s pure madness!
What will happen tomorrow? We will give a place as a MEP to Al Baghdadi or what? I believe that Europe, in this moment, is not focusing on who we are and where we came from. We need to ask ourselves questions of representation and belonging.
I believe that we are living a nightmare from which I hope we all wake up...