Jerusalemites: Alona's story

Alona was sitting on the bench near the Jerusalem Theatre.

I approached her to find out who she was.
“I grew up in Kfar Saba. In my military service I was a tour guide in Jerusalem and its surroundings. I became familiar with Jerusalem and that was the reason I moved to the city after my military service. A few years later I did my degree at Hebrew University in the history of Israel and a second one in sociology and anthropology. Those subjects made me connect to Jerusalem and Israel itself. During that time I was guiding tours and living at Shuk Mahane Yehuda, in the middle of it all, so you can imagine it was a really good time for me! Since then I have kept working and trying to expand my work all the time. I’m writing programs, I’m doing consulting for schools… this is my connection, a big connection to the city. Jerusalem is a great place, it has a lot to offer, festivals, marathons… but at the same time is very complex financially. The city is great for a single person but when I think of living a family life I feel I will look for something more rural, more stable because I always had a dream to live in the countryside, and if I can find something near Jerusalem I will live my dreams!”