Humans Wins

What a fantastic surprise that Elon Musk, on a Sunday morning interview with CBS and in his Twitter account explained that he relied too heavily on excessive automation. He has been removing automation to make the Telsa Model 3 sedan meet it's production schedule. The hype about augmented manufacturing and AI has finally reached a challenge to stop the hyperboles generated by startups and venture capitalists. In a tweet on Friday Elon answered a tweet about the production problems by replying " Yes  Excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise my mistake. Humans are underrated. 
There is no argument that AM. or augmented manufacturing will in the future transform manufacturing but it's evident that if the company does it without a complete plan, there is an incomprehension as to its impact will continually fail. During the interview, Elon pointed out that he put too much new technology into the model three at once.
There is a growing group of people trying to ground the market into the realities of some of the technologies. The next technology that is through its paces is blockchain which is causing more and more networks to begin to realize the issues related to this technology. In another post, I will discuss in detail the problems we must deal with.
 As far as AI,  in my past blog posts, I put a timeline of 2035 for general artificial intelligence to make its mark as being accepted as a relevant technology. Today we are dealing with narrow artificial intelligence which is very specific to the needs of the specific project.
So in the end, the human will be still relevant for the near future.