I promise you Charlie

     I’ll not let them silence me
No fear or threat will dry my ink
No muzzle will stop my words
The audacious free thinker won’t kneel
Freedom won’t stop to rain over us
Guns won’t stop ideas or dreams
Fools are those who devote their lives to violence,
to hate and murder
My world was built by those who looked into king’s eyes
Those who saw the fascism embodied in swastika
Those who face tyrants
And fear nothing.
The bold made my world
A world that cherish freedom
A world that saw far to many evils 
Evils that could not be fought with guns only  
I hold dear to me words
Liberté, Fraternité, Igualité
They are more than words
They are the foundations of the western world
I’ll hold my brother’s hand
Be him or her a muslim, a jew, a Christian,
White or black, different or identical
I hold his hand today and tomorrow
I walk with my brother
Through the streets paved by great man and women
People who called themselves freedom fighters and run on a bus
Names like Churchill, Kennedy, Lincoln, M. Luther King will walk with us
No threat will stop me from walking on the street
From criticize, from use my clothes, from thinking
From laugh and from praying
I believe that is my inalienable right to do all that
They are no the first ones trying to silence us
I’ll never be silenced 
Today and tomorrow, I promise
I’ll stand up with my pen and ink to fight
Charlie you taught me once more
How great my world is
And that my freedom is not to be taken for granted
And how important it is that I remain vigilant