A shiksa and the search for judaism

One things is for sure, it is worse than just being a regular Jew by choice. They look at her and they can only see non-Jewish babies. The first time I saw her I could only see someone who was lost, even more than I was. 

I understand the fear of intermarriage, however I have a hard time trying to conciliate the prejudice against marrying outside of the community with the fact that many Jews from my community live outside the intellectual and physical ghetto. 

 I also understood that many looked at her and saw someone who who didn’t dress as a “soon-to-be” Jew (a.k.a, she didn't wear clothes according to the modest traditional fashion). However, I couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly use the word “soon” in the expression “soon-to be-Jew” when referring to an Orthodox conversion process.

I confess I was worried about going there and talk to her, Jews born into the faith are very quick to judging non-Jews in the conversion process. I was afraid to be judged based on my friendship with her, but I went there anyway! Being afraid of judgment is a ghetto mentality, I didn’t want to have that.

Today, she is my friend. She is a beautiful, smart and fascinating young woman, and it's no wonder why her husband married her. 

For some people she is converting for love and for others she is converting out of personal choice. Well, for me, unfortunately conversion to Judaism has very little to do with love or "search for a spiritual path" and a lot to do with politics.

 If there were less politics, gossip, fear and prejudice involved in the (Orthodox ) conversion process and inside the Orthodox Jewish world, her children would be considered without a doubt, Jewish.