Always Late

 I have always believed that the goodness in this world far exceeds the ugliness it presents. But then why do we see that brutality, killings and sufferings of innocent people happen all the time and the good people of the world act as silent spectators until the damage is done. The holocausts, the killing fields of Cambodia, the ethnic cleansing of Rwanda and Bosnia are just the few examples that reflect our indifferent attitude. Eventually our conscience wakes up and then we start talking about the genocides and the crimes against humanity. Maybe one can argue that, in the past, it took some time for the news to filter through the world stage since the technology was not there for us to be proactive.

Granted this being a lame excuse, we now have the technology and the means to analyze each and every world affair on a timely basis and this should enable us to make a quick assessment who is the victim and who is the aggressor. Why do we still remain indifferent and let the genocide, ethnic cleansing and unjust wars go on? What is currently happening in Myanmar and Yemen is not enough for our conscience to be awaken? We are busy in speculating the death and destruction the Korean Nuclear war will bring but ignoring the massive tragedies that are unfolding right in front of our eyes in Myanmar and Yemen. The diplomats at the United Nations issued some warnings when they were done with their wine and dine. The president of the United States threatened North Korea and Iran in his speech to the United Nations but hardly uttered a word about these tragedies. The Muslims happen to be the victims in both cases. The Muslim world is rightfully blaming the junta of Myanmar but hardly saying anything about the crimes committed by their own brethren Saudis on the poor people of Yemen. This hypocrisy of Muslims is tragic in its own way.

My faith in humanity gets thinner when I find the good people all over the world sleeping while the bad ones are dancing with the Satin. Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Buddhism, sent an abstract message to his followers that Buddha would have helped Rohingyan Muslims. With due respect to Dalai Lama, the Buddha is not going to help those poor Muslim victims unless Buddha’s followers practice Buddha’s teaching to do justice to those poor innocent people.

While going through the history of mankind, I have yet to find any nation or people whose hands are not bloody. It is the folly of human beings that causes these tragedies. Race, Religion and Geography are just the tools in the hands of the exploiters. It is the selfish motivation of the people that is responsible for all the chaos in this world.

Unless we include a subject of higher universal values into the syllabi of our educational systems and teach our children to rise above the narrow vision of religions, races and geographies, we will continue to produce shallow minds and selfish souls. If someone has any doubt about the success of this methodology, they can easily look at the power of a deviated and destructive ideology that brain washed the children and turned them into a force called Taliban in just a few decades. It is time now that our educational systems produce better citizens for this planet before making them good doctors, scientists and engineers.