When sin increases like disease and lust grows,

When the truth is ill-treated and honesty starved of,

When for a drop of milk a child cries,

When a sinner busts the seal of chastity,

When the sky is darkened with sins of humans,

When the water in the rivers is stopped flowing,

When cows are slaughtered and beef is eaten;

It is certainly a land of sinners and signals doomsday.

Where is the promised and holy land?

O Krishna! Descend your Avatar on the land:

Piteous eyes stare for bliss for compassion,

To get liberated from cruelty and throw out terror,

To mitigate the rough hearts to soften,

To enlighten the intellect and soul,

To widen the spheres of wisdom and knowledge;

To shower mercy, compassion and love,

To hold the pleasing world with love,

And walk with the masses and the sufferers.

Alas! The sky thunders with lightning and sound,

But no sign of splendour and majesty,

To take birth in a humble family of cow lovers,

Nurturing ‘Kamadhenu’, ‘Shyama’ and ‘Gauri’,

To deliver milk, butter and manure to the earth,

To usher an era of happiness and fulfilment;

To protect and bless the sad humanity,  

To wipe out the lust, greed and farce;

To protect and honour every ‘gopica’ and ‘bhakta’;

With grace, beauty, joy, peace;

Ultimately eternal ‘Shanti’ and ‘Moksha’.

Lit every heart with ‘Prem’ and ‘jyoti’,

Colour every hand with ‘Mehadi’,

Fill every woman with love and ‘Kumkum’,

Descend down to wipe out the sins and evils.