Wasteland of life

What floods this aching heart?
Who can carry the timers of adore?
Where is the passion of my heart?
Where is my strength of love?
Where do the words not sigh in memory?
Where in each chamber a blazing ache
Where my corpse blazes in love
O Life! Your devotion hugs my heart.
Your longing is my aim.
My lust, to dissolve in you,
To rest in my existence,
Fade like a haze,
Dissolve like a lovable aroma.
In this wasteland of time,
Let my tears of love be my present to you.
I hunted far and wide but got you in me.
He is the Master, who spare neither man nor God;
Waste not your tears for life, it is not yours,
Doing cruel things with life for fun,
Thank the God, end is there; this son of soil,
Death is his inseparable companion. 
Here Krishna, Here Krishna, Krishna-Krishna Here-Here; 
Here Rama, Here Rama, Rama-Rama Here-Here.