Making a Difference

                 It is said that young people are less concerned with politics, less politically knowledgeable, do not participate in social or political activities and are with low levels of political interest…young people and political participation present an unlikely and perhaps incompatible combination. Not any more! I think young people divert from traditional forms of political participation as practiced by the older generation like political party membership, rather young people prefer local community actions, political consumerism, new social movements and activities and engaging with the public on social virtual platforms.

                In the last decade with so many young politicians arising on the political scene , politics is not only for the older generation but also for the generation with modern ideas  - ideas compatible with the demands of the 21st century.

                Last week I was privileged to meet one such honorable persona during his short visit to Israel, 44 year old Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of the western state of India, Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai – the financial and investment capital of India. Poised, calm, patient, a good orator with a strong stage presence. As a scholar, Mr. Fadnavis is a law graduate with a post graduate degree in business management and later diploma in project management from Berlin. The short and engaging speech he gave in the reception held showed how articulate he is in several Indian languages. Mr. Fadnavis is also an author and has a few books under his name.

                His vision of Indo-Israel co-operation in various fields threw light on the modern day collaboration of the two countries beyond the agriculture and defense sectors. Setting up of Indo-Israel park in Maharashtra, starting a course of local language Marathi in Tel Aviv University, collaboration in research activities in fields of cancer, cyber-security and water reclaiming technologies gives us an idea of how the ties between the two countries are strengthening.

               Mr. Fadnavis is an inspiration and growing trends like these demonstrate that young people can be just as politically aware, and make a difference, as their senior counterparts