Israel looks at Europe with utter dismay

Political tremors are starting to be felt across Europe.

In Britain, we see the rise of an emerging independent party, UKIP, which is Eurosceptic and takes a corrective line on the UK’s unbridled open-door immigration policy.

In France, the Socialist Hollande looks likely to be replaced by the center-right Sarkozy.

The left-wing Swedish government barely lasted three month before being forced to abandon a failed leadership. This gave them sufficient time to rush through a ‘Palestine’  vote which may be overturned by an incoming center-right government.

Polls show that center-right parties win the popular vote in Norway and Denmark.

Across Europe, voters are objecting to poor economic and immigration policies. They are offended by the rise of crime perpetrated by immigrants they had welcomed into their once decent countries. Cultural changes are making their countries unrecognizable to the indigenous population, and not to their pleasing.

The political swing reflects a desire to return to long lost national values, lost in the mire of uncontrolled immigration.

The recent outbreak of symbolic parliamentary voting for an ill-defined Palestinian state in many European nations is seen by many as politicians with faulty policies catering to a rising constituency against which their grassroots citizenry are unhappy, feel ignored and are rebelling.

Changes are coming, but will these changes come in time to save a sinking Europe from misguided decisions being taken by a largely left-wing fractured continent?

One nation that is suffering from European misguided decisions is Israel.

Parliamentary votes working to bring about a Palestinian state while ignoring the recent incitement, violence, terrorism, and the anti-Semitic platforms of both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are deeply troubling to an Israel that will be the only state in a turbulent Middle East having to cope with European willful blindness.

Indeed, a clear expression of this blindness was the European Court of Justice denial that Hamas is a terrorist organization. This despite their blatant daily practices of terrorism, added to last summer's two month terror war against Israel, with terrorists emerging out of the ground near Israeli farms and villages, thousands of rockets falling on Israeli civilian centers.

If this wasn't terrorism, what is?

Former Justice Minister, Tzipi Livni, reminded Europe that Hamas is “an extreme Islamic religious terrorist organization that must be fought with all force.”

The European blindness to Hamas being a terrorist organization is both a diplomatic and moral myopic failure of epic proportion.

The Europeans would be better advised to pressure the Palestinian to honor their Oslo commitment, namely to put an end to terror. A European Court waving its pen simply does not make Palestinian terror disappear.

Europe is committed by virtue of their signature to the Oslo Accords not to change the political status of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute pending the outcome of a permanent settlement which can only result by direct talks between the parties involved.

External unilateral moves can only endanger such an outcome. This could be seen as a victory by the Palestinians making them even more stubborn in their unreasonable demands, but Israel may treat it as a basic breach of Oslo and a violation of signed agreements. And this would be a disaster.

The Europeans would serve peace more effectively by forcing the Palestinians back to the original “two states for two peoples” solution which has been totally rejected by them. Originally, the plan was for an Arab state and a Jewish state as specified in UN Resolution 181, also known as the Partition Plan. Europe seems to have ignored this. Why? It was supposed to be the cornerstone of a permanent peace deal. In fact, they question Israel's insistence of this basic condition.

Israel’s Prime Minister summed up the feeling of all Israelis and Jews when Benjamin Netanyahu responded, “It seems that too many in Europe, on whose soil six million Jews were slaughtered, have learned nothing. But we in Israel, we’ve learned. We’ll continue to defend our people and our state against the forces of terror and tyranny and hypocrisy.”  

The hypocrisy was aimed squarely at a Europe that fails to support the only liberal democracy in the region, but bends over backwards to establish a state that will, in all likelihood, be headed by an Islamic terror group or by a rejectionist body with a shared motivation to remove Israel as part of a ‘liberating all of Palestine’ agenda.

European parliaments fall, one by one, to a ‘Palestine’ vote, and its court cannot understand what constitutes a terrorist organization if it is cloaked in Palestinian clothes. The result of this shocking political aberration has brought the Israeli parliament into rare unison.

Wall to wall condemnation was heard across Israel’s divergent political spectrum against the European Court of Justice and European parliaments whose decisions demonstrate the loss of a moral path to a bemused Israel.

Clearly, Europe today does not have the stomach, or the political will, to fight Islamic terror with all its force, if at all.

As Knesset Speaker, Yuli Edelstein, said, the European Union “must have lost its mind!”

This is clearly the case. It’s a question of whether the winds of political change in Europe will arrive in time to save itself, and Israel, from the damaging tsunami of current political anti-Israel decisions.


Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’