Livni's political future in doubt

Livni said repeatedly on Tuesday that she intends to try to build a political block of parties ahead of the election.

Salam Fayyad

Our World: The Livni-Fayyad two-step

The only way to get the UN to think twice before it attacks Israel is for Israel to stop acting like a chump.

IDC Livni

Grapevine: A masterpiece of memory

“The battle against terror must be a joint effort across the free world,” wrote Livini. “We can have zero tolerance for terror.”

Knesset Open House

The unlikely likelihood of a centrist bloc

Livni is right that it is time to put aside egos and create a bloc that can run together in the next election.

MK Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni: Israel is weak, isolated without the US

"Netanyahu committed the original sin of intervening in American domestic politics and ruined relations with US," says the Zionist Union knesset member.

Tzipi Livni Isaac Herzog

Herzog, Livni blame their loss on racism

Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog also blames the loss on statements made against right-wing and Orthodox Israelis by artist Yair Gerbuz and playwright Joshua Sobol.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
Tzipi Livni

Livni prepared to forgo agreement to rotate prime minister's office with Herzog

Netanyahu says move shows Zionist Union panicking; Bennett and Lapid claim move shows that Zionist Union-Likud unity government in the works.

livni herzog israeli arab

Herzog, Livni met by calls of 'You have blood on your hands' at campaign event in Arab area

Liberman: Just as Hamas was outlawed in Egypt today, this is how we need to outlaw these extremist factors and take their Israeli citizenship and remove them from Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu does honor to Zionism

Zionism is not about being popular; those who dishonor our past and who fail to face up to clear and present dangers can't be trusted with the holy task of protecting the future of the Jewish People.


Herzog vows not to release murderers

At Conference of Presidents annual meeting, Zionist Union's Livni and Herzog slam Netanyahu for failing on Iranian issue, damaging relations with US.

By Gil Stern Stern HOFFMAN
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