UK's Hague puts his foot in it?

Britain''s Foreign Minister William Hague said this week that Israel should cease "belligerent" language when discussing its concerns about the situation in Egypt, leaving quite a few Israelis wondering what planet the UK minister was residing on.
Hague''s criticism was perceived by some to be especially tone deaf, due to the fact that he targeted the one issue that drew a rare consensus (and even praise) from Israeli pundits and politicians, both from Left and Right. Almost all seemed to agree that Netanyahu''s near total silence on the earthquake that has shaken Egypt was a good thing. 
Netanyahu ordered his ministers to remain quiet on the issue too.
He broke the radio silence once during a meeting with members of the EU parliament, in which the PM warned that the unpredictable confrontation unfolding in our southern neighbor''s borders could end up turning Egypt into a secular democracy or an Islamist hardline state, and called on Egypt to uphold the peace treaty.
Those baffled by Hague''s comments asked where exactly he had heard a beating war drum. 
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