Europe’s Migrants: Between Empathy and Self-preservation.

Mass media shows a heartfelt picture of dead refugee child that had perished while trying to cross from poverty-stricken Middle East to the wealthy Europe. Indeed, this is a gut-wrenching image of human misery.  The “Welcome Refugee” signs are decorating buildings from London to Berlin.  Facebook sites, street marches and support centers are springing up all over Western Europe.  Thousands of well-meaning people are extending a helping hand. The left-wing sympathizers are in the forefront of the “Welcome the Refugees” movement.  Many others, largely in Eastern Europe, are fearful and don’t want to take in these migrants.  Marcin Zaborowski, executive VP at the Policy Analysis Center, offers an opinion typical for many European pundits: “ ..rising xenophobia is playing a role,  … there is this wave of refugees… countries, like Poland, have no proper infrastructure … and little appetite to spend precious resources.”  Translation:  People who don’t want to settle refugees in their country are selfish xenophobes. 
These sanctimonious accusers miss the main point: The refugees are predominantly Muslim.  This is the key to understanding why so many people resist accepting them in their cities and neighborhoods.  Recently, Poles had no problem accepting Ukrainian refugees.  But the Muslim religion, Islam, is rightly associated with intolerance and violence.  Muslims slaughter Christians all over Middle East.  They abhor Jews, Westerners and anybody who doesn’t believe in Islam.  Anyone that doesn’t practice restrictive Muslim sharia law is to be converted, expelled or murdered.  Muslims murder gays and treat women as chattel, depriving them of most basic human rights. Just consider one of the many hostile quotes from the Muslim holy book the Quran, part 8:12 “..cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads…”
A few facts from the past:  In the 1960s, the Mediterranean country of Lebanon was a prosperous and peaceful country, ruled by a Christian majority.  Lebanon Muslim minority grew rapidly, thanks to high birth rates and immigration from abroad.  Eventually Muslims took over and started to deny Christians their rights.  Muslims started killing their Christian neighbors and tried to either convert them to Islam. Today Lebanon is a Muslim-ruled country with a Christian minority living in armed enclaves. 
In the city of Bethlehem in the 1960s, Christians were an 80 percent majority. When the local Arabs, took control, the intimidated Christian majority has shrank to 20 percent.
In 2005 Arabs took control of the Gaza region.  Local Christians were intimidated by threats and murder and all have fled.
In Israel and West Bank, Arabs just desire to expel or kill Jews. Muslim attacks including suicide bombings, car rampaging, knife stabbing and so on.
In Egypt, Muslims terrorize and murder their Christian neighbors. Christians were the original native inhabitants of Egypt but today they are systematically forced out by the Muslims. The whole churches, sometimes with people inside, are torched. Community of eight million Christians is in mortal danger. European Mass media largely ignores the suffering and misery of these Christians.
Like in Egypt, Pakistani Christians are subject to violence including murder.  The same goes for Syria and other Muslim ruled countries. Christians and other non-Muslims are murdered or expelled.
European examples are no better. In countries like France and Sweden there are many no-go zones,  ruled exclusively by the Muslims where non-Muslims are not welcome. Even the police are afraid to enter these enclaves.  In essence, the governments of France, Sweden and even UK have acceded to the establishment of Muslim mini-states in many of their cities.
There are many videos on YouTube showing Muslim brutality and intolerance. Concerned Europeans, called by the left xenophobes and Nazis, are just normal people who follow their instinct for self-preservation.  They want to protect both the cultural heritage of their countries and their own lives. Muslim immigrants are responsible for huge increase of rape incidences in Sweden, UK and other countries.
Refugees reaching the shores of Europe are overwhelmingly economic migrants. They flee poverty, not war.  Even Syrian migrants are mostly fleeing from refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan and not from the life-threatening war in Syria.  Life in Turkish camps is clearly less attractive than life in Germany.  Migrants are attracted by the generous benefits provided by the European countries. When the Danish government tried to slow the flow of refugees, they advertised in Arab newspapers that the benefits have been cut.
Western intelligence services estimate that 2 percent of all the recent migrants are sympathizers of the terrorist ISIS murderers. There are many unanswered questions;
Why watching TV reports, it is clear that majority of the migrants are young men of military draft age?
Why rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and the emirates refuse to take in their Muslim co-religionists?
Why mass media does not show photographs of dead Christian children murdered daily in the Middle East?
 Due to Muslim settlement, the demographic makeup of Europe is changing, which represents a mortal danger to the whole continent.  Once the Muslim population increases and major parts of big cities become Muslim-controlled no-go zones, then Muslim political demands will follow.  These claims to unwarranted Muslim-only “rights” will be backed up by acts of violence, the likes of which Europe has not seen since World War II.  Even if the today’s migrants are not yet radicalized (and this is a big “if”), then their children will be. Past experience shows that the big pools of European Muslims are a fertile ground for spreading ISIS-like ideas and terrorism. Muslims usually refuse to assimilate and prefer to convert their hosts to Islam.
When we face today's difficult choice between our desires to resettle people in distress and the obvious conclusion that resettlement will entice more Muslims to come, we must let reason to prevail.  We must be smart and restrain our altruistic urges to help.  Let’s prevent our countries from being taken over by Muslim violence and intolerance.  We must think about our self-preservation and about the safety of our children and grandchildren.  There are other humanitarian solutions that do not entail the settlement of Muslims in Europe.  The Middle East and Africa are home to well over a billion people. World Muslims number 1.5 billion, and are mainly poor.  This is about three times more than the entire population of Western Europe.  Do we really plan to settle all these people in Europe?  Our current resettlement activity will undoubtedly lead to such result.
Europe should help establish refugee camps and safe zones in the Middle East. There are already a few million people in such camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.  We should help in provisioning these camps and help provide the assistance in order to provide refugees with decent living conditions.  We should teach them useful trades.
Generous welcome by Germany created a strong magnet to bring millions of migrants from Asia and Africa to Europe.  This is insane and dangerous.  To discourage the flow of countless people I recommend    a strict policy that nobody will be offered permanent right of residency.  They will all be fed, clothed and sent back.  This will discourage future waves of economic migrants.
It’s unconscionable that Germany, which created the problem, wants to push it onto other European countries by demanding that they accept more migrants. If politicians like Angela Merkel don’t understand this fundamental truth then new leaders should be elected who will undo the damage and implement more responsible solution.
Daniel Grynglas
San Jose, Sept 17 2015