600 IDF soldiers to join efforts in enforcing coronavirus guidelines

The soldiers will accompany Israel police officers and have a special tag. The commanders will also carry weapons.

IDF Hiram (769 Brigade) base (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
IDF Hiram (769 Brigade) base
The military spokesperson announced that starting Monday 600 IDF soldiers and commanders will help Israel police enforce the government coronavirus guidelines. The soldiers and commanders participating in the enforcement will be drawn from combat training bases.
In preparation for enforcing the Health Ministry's guidelines, IDF soldiers underwent special training for the mission in civilian populated areas. The soldiers will accompany police officers and have special tags, while their commanders will also carry weapons.
The commander of the Golani Brigade's training,  one of the combat units taking part in the enforcement, told his soldiers that  “we trained you to fight against enemies in Lebanon, Syria, Judea, and Samaria and Gaza. This time you are fighting a slightly different enemy- the coronavirus. We have to complete the mission the best and most Professional way, it’s our duty.”
Earlier on Monday, the IDF announced  that the August draft cycle of several combat support units will be postponed due to the continued spread of the coronavirus in Israel.