72% of pedestrians injured by cars were hit in crosswalks

A total of 72 percent of the pedestrians who were injured by cars in 2013 were struck inside a crosswalk, data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) revealed on Sunday.
Pedestrians therefore must remember that stepping onto a crosswalk does not guarantee their safety, the CBS stressed.
All in all, the number of road fatalities for 2013 was about 5% higher than those of the year before, with 277 road deaths, the CBS reported.
That being said, aside from 2012, these numbers were the lowest in 51 years.
The record shows that 74% of drivers involved in accidents were males, while 26% were females, the CBS said.
Although inter-city accidents made up just 25% of the total road accidents, 53% of fatal traffic incidents occurred between localities. Meanwhile, although the Arab sector constitutes only 21% of the Israeli population, members of this sector were involved in 28% of all road casualties and 35% of road fatalities, the CBS data said.
Traffic casualties for motorcycles and scooters were 2.4 times greater than in accidents involving cars, CBS added.
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