9-year-old boy believed dead in Alaska crevasse fall

ANCHORAGE - A 9-year-old boy who fell into a glacial crevasse in Alaska while riding a snowmobile is presumed dead and experts are working to recover his body, the Alaska State Troopers said on Sunday.
Sjohn Brown of Fairbanks, Alaska, fell into a 150-foot-deep (46-metre-deep) glacial hole on Saturday while he and family members were attending an annual snowmobile-racing event, the troopers said.
Rescue climbers descended to the bottom of the crevasse and found the snowmobile buried in the snow, as well as the boy's helmet and goggles, but not the child, the troopers said.
The boy is believed to be beneath the snowmobile and the snow, but a climber who reached the area was not able to locate a body using a probe, troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said.