Activists form mock army camp in TA in protest of Tal Law

Activists formed a mock military base dubbed 'Camp Sucker' at  Israel Railways' Arlozorov station in Tel Aviv on Thursday, in protest of the Tal Law, Army Radio reported.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has expressed a desire to extend the controversial law, granting those studying full-time in a yeshiva the option to defer their military service until age 23, spend a year in vocational training, and then choose whether to join the army for six months followed by annual reserve duty, or to perform a year of civilian service, and then be free to legally join the workforce.
The activists complained that the law allows the ultra-Orthodox to shirk their civic duty at the expense of others.
"This is a military camp of reservists, fathers, mothers, future IDF recruits and everyone who feels like a sucker," Army Radio quoted leaders of the protest as saying. "In the State of Israel everyone should serve, we are tired of carrying the burden. The minority determines what the majority does. With one hand they send us into battle and with the other they put a knife in our backs," they added.
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