AIPAC lauds trilateral meeting, calls on PA to match Israel's peace efforts

AIPAC applauds trilatera

AIPAC on Tuesday applauded the trilateral meeting in New York participated by US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. "We strongly support efforts designed to help achieve a lasting peace between Israel and all of her Arab neighbors, including the Palestinians," the American Jewish lobbyist group said in an announcement. "Built around shared values and democratic ideals, America's commitment to Israel's vitality, security and right to defend its people from attack is unquestionable," the announcement continued. "For over six decades, Israel has consistently offered its hand in peace, demonstrating again and again its willingness to make real and heartrending sacrifices - altering borders, relinquishing territory, uprooting families and entire communities - in the pursuit of peace. "AIPAC calls on the Palestinians to follow Israel's lead and drop all preconditions to negotiations and on the Arab states - Saudi Arabia especially - to heed the calls of both the US House and Senate, as well as of President Obama to take immediate and meaningful steps toward normalization, and after 60 years, grasp the hand that Israel has outstretched in the cause of peace," AIPAC said. "Now it is time - well past time - for the Arab states and the Palestinians to match Israel's commitment to peace with actions of their own," the announcement concluded.