Aircraft, blasts heard in direction of Libya town

ROAD TO RAS LANUF - A Reuters correspondent heard aircraft and then blasts in the direction of the oil town of Ras Lanuf on Wednesday after rebels said they were retreating under bombardment by Muammar Gaddafi's forces.
"I heard the sound of jet engines overhead three times and then a series of booms. There are more booms right now but its unclear if it's from the jets or other types of bombardment," Reuters correspondent Alexander Dziadosz said.
He was speaking on the road that leads to Ras Lanuf, where Dziadosz had seen scores of rebel pick-ups racing back from the front line earlier in the day.
A fighter returning from Ras Lanuf, Ahmed, also told Reuters: "The French planes came and bombed Gaddafi's forces." France was the first member of the international coalition to announce that it had launched air strikes on Libya.