Amichai Chikli: We were wrong in the way the reform has been carried out

"We made a mistake in our navigation [of promoting the judicial reforms]," Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli (Likud) wrote on Sunday night on social media. "We were wrong, not in identifying the urgent need for a reform, since it is more essential than ever, but [we were wrong] in the way it was carried out," he said.

Chikli, one of the strongest vocal supporters of the reforms, emphasized that he completely accepts "the decision of the Likud faction of which I am a part," and that "I trust the Prime Minister's judgment and think that the softened outline we presented is fair and balanced, but the event that developed in Israel has less to do with the content of the reform and more to the public atmosphere it created." He also called his colleagues to "respond to [former Defense Minister] Benny Gantz's call for dialogue "which seems to come from a sincere and pure intention."

He added that "we owe it to our children to host a Seder night where we will sit together with our family happily," as well as commemorating Memorial Day and celebrating Independence Day, "where we can be silent together over the graves of our friends, later on celebrating our 75th year of independence, that should be remembered as celebrations of reconciliation and brotherhood."

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