Israel 'unaware' of any US decision to reevaluate relations - official

A senior political official dismissed an op-ed by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman titled "The US reassessment of Netanyahu's government," stating that Israel is "unaware" of any such decision to reassess relations on Wednesday.

The official additionally noted that many US administrations have announced "reevaluations" of relations with Israel in a number of different scenarios.

"It is no secret that we have differences of opinion with the American administration regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state, the return to the dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran, and Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu's position against the 'no surprises' policy regarding Israel's actions against Iran."

"Despite these periodic 're-evaluations' and disagreements over the years, relations between Israel and the US have tightened for decades and reached an all-time high of security cooperation under the leadership of Netanyahu. Netanyahu will ensure that this trend continues."